About Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)

Dun & Bradstreet is the world’s leading source of commercial information and insight on businesses, enabling companies to Decide with Confidence® for 171 years. D&B’s global commercial database contains more than 225 million business records. The database is enhanced by D&B’s proprietary DUNSRight® Quality Process, which provides our customers with quality business information. This quality information is the foundation of our global solutions that customers rely on to make critical business decisions.

D&B provides two solution sets that meet a diverse set of customer needs globally. Customers use D&B Risk Management Solutions™ to mitigate credit and supplier risk, increase cash flow and drive increased profitability; and D&B Sales & Marketing Solutions™ to provide data management capabilities that provide effective and cost efficient marketing solutions and to convert prospects into clients by enabling business professionals to research companies, executives and industries.

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About Black Mountain Systems

Black Mountain Systems, founded in 2007, is an independent financial software development firm that develops innovative solutions for institutional investment managers. Everest, Black Mountain Systems’ award-winning proprietary front office software solution, is tailored specifically to individual client needs. Everest delivers superior credit analysis tools, easy-to-use portfolio management and reporting, a trade order management and compliance system, and a data warehouse solution to institutional investors in syndicated loans, high yield and municipal bonds, derivatives and other alternative investments. Clients consist of many of the world's preeminent hedge funds, private equity firms, investment managers and banking firms. Everest's services give analysts, traders and portfolio managers the workflow management and business intelligence tools necessary to quickly and efficiently navigate and analyze information critical to the investment process.

About McAlan, LC

McAlan, LC has been created in recognition of the challenges faced by investor relations managers in communicating the value of public companies to the capital markets and to potential investors. Statistics show that public companies of all description have historically struggled to meet this challenge. With the onset of the credit crisis and the ensuing great recession having a tool that aids in this challenge has become more critical than ever.

McAlan, LC addresses this challenge by supplying fully integrated, value-added e-based products to serve Investor Relations departments, C-Suite Executives and members of the Board of Directors of public companies. The McAlan suite of products will enable public companies to strengthen their investor relations efforts through receiving meaningful feedback and analysis as to the effectiveness of their investor relations campaign.

In order to accomplish this objective McAlan, LC has developed a strategic relationship with an established and well regarded provider of data and interactive analytical tools from within the capital markets. This joint venture provides McAlan with the necessary B2B and B2C data that will assess the effectiveness of the investor relations strategies and improve the investors interface.

McAlan, LC suite of products is the next evolution in financial information and communications for investor relations professionals and capital market participants.

About WhitePages PRO

WhitePages PRO, a division of WhitePages Inc., helps businesses quickly identify new and existing customers to improve efficiencies, verify identities to predict and prevent fraud and improve contact data to enhance customer interactions. WhitePages PRO taps into’s extensive database of more than 300 million phone numbers, including hard-to-find and cell phone numbers, making it the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date database of contact information. WhitePages PRO’s suite of products include an API and Web Lookup solution, each catering to the specific needs of any size business. Businesses looking to learn more about WhitePages PRO can call 1-877-767-8052 or email

About WhitePages Inc.

WhitePages is the leading provider of contact information for people and businesses in the U.S. A top 40 website, with over 40 million unique monthly users and powering over 2 billion searches on over 1,500 sites including MSN and the United States Postal Service, WhitePages offers consumers one-click access to more than 200 million adults, or over 90% of the adult population. The company’s suite of mobile products includes a top-50 mobile website and popular iPhone, Android, HP webOS and BlackBerry applications that have been downloaded more than 16 million times.

WhitePages owns and operates the popular web properties,, and