Mergent Corporate Bond Terms & Conditions

The most comprehensive collection of publicly offered u.s. corporate & government bonds

Mergent, Inc.’s powerful data service helps to cut through extraneous details and allows clients to pinpoint the exact information that is needed from our vast corporate bond database. This one-stop/one-operation capability helps firms to save time, manage important assets more efficiently and obtain superior results.

The design of Mergent’s database offers a multidimensional, finely detailed portrait of each issue and issuer. Your firm will experience greater flexibility, more productive research and increased competitiveness by supporting securities master files as well as trade and settlement processing.


Provides terms and conditions on over 370,00 publicly underwritten corporate securities issued in the United States: Yankees (US dollar-denominated securities issued by foreign issuers), supranational securities, convertible bonds, medium term notes, high yield, adjustable rate securities, ESOP securities, underwritten exchange offer securities, equipment leased-back securities and strips (not secondary market derivatives). Additionally, Rule 144A issues are included on a best effort basis. Canadian corporate debt issues and treasury bonds are also included.

Specific Issue Information Available:
• Full Bond Description and Prospectus Issuer Name
• Maturity Date
• Dated Date
• Coupon Rate
• Security Level (Senior, Junior, etc.)
• Offering Amount/Full Amount Outstanding History
• Offering Price and Yield
• Security Identifiers such as CUSIP®
• Variable Rate Changes
• Full Call, Put and Sinking Fund Schedules, Call Frequency
• Fitch®, Moody’s® and S&P® Credit Ratings (for licensed subscribers)
• U.S. Treasury Auction Information
• Convertible Debt Information
• Underwriters, Trustees and Fiscal Agents
• Unit Deals and Warrant Information

Specific Issuer Information Available:
• Industry Code, S.I.C. Code and N.A.I.C.S. Code
• Stock Ticker and Exchange Listings
• Issuer Name and Parent Relationship
Critical Fixed Income Events Available:
• Ratings Changes
• Exchange Offers
• Tender Offers
• Full and Partial Redemptions
• Scheduled Calls
• Bond Conversions
• Ticker Symbol Changes
• Bankruptcy and Interest Defaults

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