Mergent Industrial Manual and News Reports

ISSN: 05450217

For substance and accuracy, no other resource matches the Industrial Manual for coverage of 2,000 top industrial corporations listed on the New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, and other selected exchanges. This two-volume set provides in-depth text descriptions and “as-reported” financials. Whether you’re researching potential investments or acquisitions, targeting new customers or competitors, or evaluating credit-worthiness or capital strength, Mergent’s Industrial Manual gives complete, factual details.

Complete coverage includes:
  • History - significant events since incorporation
  • Business - narratives on business, products
  • Properties - plants, offices, other facilities
  • Subsidiaries - full listing includes states or countries of incorporation
  • Officers - names and titles of senior management
  • Directors - all names, many with corporate affiliations
  • Long-term debt - summary of indenture information including Moody's rating
  • Capital stock - coverage of common/preferred stock, warrants/purchase rights, options and stock offerings
  • Letter to shareholders - reproduced in its entirety
  • Notes to financial statements - exact statement by the independent auditors
  • Income statements - up to seven years of "as-reported" figures
  • Balance sheets - up to seven years of "as-reported" figures
  • Statements of cash flows - up to three years of "as-reported" figures
  • Footnotes - prepared by Mergent to assure a highly accurate and complete representation
Other essential information on: auditors, general counsel, stock exchange and symbol, number of employees, number of shareholders, address, telephone and fax numbers, shareholder relations contact, stock price ranges, dividends, report of independent auditors, trustee, registrar, transfer agents, stock splits and annual meeting date

Along with your subscription, receive the industry’s foremost News Reports monthly in print and weekly online via Continually updating your business reference resources, the News Reports keep you up to date on:
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Interim earnings
  • New contracts
  • Management changes
  • Rating changes
  • New issues
  • Financing
  • Joint ventures
  • Call notices
  • Name changes
  • Other significant events
A unique Special Features section includes:               
  • Bond yield averages
  • Preferred stock yield averages
  • Monthly commodity price index
  • Stock splits
  • Bond maturities
  • Note maturities
  • Geographical index
  • Identification of companies by Standard Industrial Classification Codes
  • Securities issues
  • Interim earnings and dividends
Please note: Depth of coverage on any specific company and number of companies in any particular publication may vary.

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